Fusion Stress & Scenario Management
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Fusion Stress & Scenario Management

The one thing history has taught us is that it will always repeat itself. Although there is little we can do to control the events of the future we can certainly prepare for the inevitable. In the world of commodity trading this preparedness translates to vision, decisions, and strategy.


World War 2 led to an increase in oil prices from $2.50 to about $3.00 - a 20% rise. What if World War 3 were to happen? Major global disasters, wars, terrorist activity, etc. all have a direct impact on today’s commodity prices creating a volatile trading environment with potentially significant P/L impact. The ability to plan for these price shifts within our client’s risk & trading strategies is no longer optional but mission critical. The Fusion Stress & Scenario Management tool allows Risk Managers’ to supervise their positions, prices and PNL results in a dynamic reporting engine in which multi-dimensional analysis can be performed in historical or hypothetical datasets.

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