Fusion Modules

Fusion is the only CTRM solution that delivers; advanced CTRM functionality, market data management, and advanced business intelligence tools within a single integrated modular software platform. This coupled with Fusion's modern architecture allows Fusion CTRM Software to meet the complex business requirements of trading businesses without the need for expensive custom development or integration work.

Front Office
  • Trade Types
  • Trade Controller
  • Link Trade Controller
  • LC Controller
Middle Office
  • Position Controller
  • Credit Risk Controller
  • Stress & Scenario Management 
Back Office
  • Payment Controller
  • Invoice Controller
  • Cashflow Controller
  • Cost Controller
  • Transfer Controller
  • Schedule Controller
  • Match Controller
  • Itinerary Desktop
  • Planning Reports
Decision Support Tools
  • Executive Reporter
  • Executive Dashboard
  • Refinery Run Down Management
  • Terminal Inventory Management
  • Central Inventory Management
  • Market Data Controller
  • Exchange Integrator (ICE, NYMEX, etc.)
  • Fendahl PFE
  • Fusion Custom Forms
  • Fusion Forecast to Contract
  • VaR Value at Risk