A Fresh Approach to CTRM Software

Fendahl's Fusion ETRM/CTRM software is setting a new standard for commodity trading and risk management software solutions. Fusion is leading the CTRM marketplace when it comes to; ease of use, flexible functionality, end user performance, scalability and reliability, while its also providing the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry. 

Fusion CTRM Provides: -

  • Greater Control with advanced visual workflow tools to create trade approval processes

  • Reduced Risk with powerful decision support tools 

  • Increased Visibility with built in reporting tools

  • Reduced Operating Costs with robust business processes and automation​

  • The Ability to Grow Trade Volume without adding head count

Fusion CTRM Tablet
Fusion CTRM Mobile

Advanced CTRM Functionality


"An important part of the system selection process was finding a system that not only allows us to capture the full life cycle of transactions but also to provide a real time management information. Fusion provides HAKARA with a solution that understands our needs in a rapidly changing business environment”. Karim Bousfiha, Managing Director, HAKARA Resources

Fusion CTRM is designed to be an enterprise solution covering the needs of front, middle, and back office with advanced reporting capabilities at its core. Fusion CTRM software supports the entire lifecycle of a financial or physical commodity transaction, from deal execution through to cash settlement.

Fusion is built using the latest Microsoft technologies stack and uses WCF  integration services that makes integration with third party systems such as ERP/Accounting solutions, robust, straightforward and cost effective.


Multi-Commodity Solution

Fusion CTRM software supports the functional trading and risk management requirements of a wide variety of commodities such as metals & metal concentrates, minerals, agricultural commodities, petroleum, energy commodities and can be deployed as a trade finance solution.

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Why Fusion CTRM?


Fendahl’s Fusion CTRM is a new generation of CTRM solution, setting new standards for; ease of use, flexible functionality, end user performance, scalability, and reliability.


What makes Fusion different is that the Fusion CTRM solution has been developed by an experienced group of trading & technology professionals using an entirely new software architecture as well as the latest web based design techniques and tools. This clean sheet development approach means that Fusion is not constrained by the sort of problems which plague legacy CTRM solutions.

We have dedicated consultants in every commodity vertical. They don’t just understand how our software works, they understand your business processes and the way you trade.


Their input means Fusion CTRM has been designed to meet the complex requirements of different commodity groups and sub categories within those groups. From quality specifications and penalties in agricultural commodities to blending & assay exchanges in metal concentrates. Our modular platform means that we’re not a one size fits all software business. We provide real world solutions that meet your requirements and allow your business to grow.

For an initial consultation to discuss your requirements with one of experts please click here. Alternatively you an reach us via phone or email: -

Email - information@fendahl.com

Telephone - +44 (0)203 503 0580

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