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Fendahl CTRM & ETRM Technology

Fendahl is a specialist provider of CTRM (commodity trading & risk management) software solutions.


A New Generation of Flexible & Powerful Commodity Trading & Risk Management Software

Fendahl's Fusion CTRM is the Next Generation of CTRM Software, trusted by trading organisations both small and large on a global scale. Fusion CTRM is a multi-commodity intelligent CTRM system that supports the requirements of Front Office, Operations and Back Office and provides powerful in-built reporting tools.

Fusion CTRM delivers a single easy to use modular CTRM platform. Fusion's modern architecture coupled with Fendahl's 100% built in house philosophy provide significant advantages over legacy CTRM solutions: - 


  • Fusion can be easily modified to meet a client's business processes

  • Fusion can implemented much faster 

  • Fusion can be integrated with 3rd party systems such as ERP's much faster

Back Office
Fusion CTRM ETRM Back Office Functionality
Fendahl Fusion CTRM ETRM Front Office Functionalities
Front Office
Fusion CTRM ETRM Operations Tool
Commodity Trading and Risk Management (CTRM) Software
Fusion The Next Generation of CTRM Software
Fendahl Fusion Next Generation of CTRM and ETRM Software
Fendahl Fusion CTRM ETRM Reporting Tool

"The Fendahl Fusion solution offered the best fit for our metals and concentrates trading requirements. Fusion is a modern CTRM solution offering flexible functionality and a low total cost of ownership. We believe partnering with Fendahl positions us well for the future growth of our business.” - Paul Laszlo, CFO

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“Fusion is a flexible and modern CTRM system that supports the way we do business. We believe that partnering with Fendahl will help us to continue growing our business profitably for years to come” - Gail Cummings, Executive Vice President